Special Scientific Engineering

Magnetic structurescope (coercimeter) MC-04H-1 is simple, reliable and effective

Digital semiautomatic device. It allows testing strength and plastic properties of constructions and components according to standard ГОСТ 30415-96, in particular:
- Testing of deformation mode and residual safe life of steel constructions;
- Testing of items quality after volumetric heat treatment;
- Testing of items quality after surface strengthening (different kinds of chemicothermal treatment, case hardening, cold-hardening etc.);
- Determination of mechanical and plastic properties of rolled steel and metalware materials, cast iron items;
- Grading steel and cast iron qualities. There is a special mode for bulk grading of components or raw materials with light and chime. The device is lightweight, small-sized, has low power consumption, high accuracy and sensitivity. The device operation does not depend on protective coatings and tested surface roughness, equivalent to air-gap of several mm.


  • Range of coercive force measurements, А/cm
  • 1,0-60
  • Error of coercive force measurements in tested samples
  • 5% + 1
  • Measurement time
  • at most 6 sec
  • Magnetization impulse amplitude, А
  • 3,0
  • Average power consumption
  • at most 80 W
  • Overall dimensions, mm:
        Measuring unit

  • 230х250х60
  • Weight, kg:
        Measuring unit

  • 2,0
  • Mains supply, Volt
  • 220 +/-10%
  • Mains frequency, Hertz
  • 50 +/-1